DIY Red Hood: Gauntlets Made From Actual Bike Body Armor Cosplay How to

not much DIY in this project, just hack some mountain bike body armor, did some custom repaint, done!

gloves given to me by alibaba:
  • The protection of finger joints
  • Ventilation and breathability
  • The palm of the plastic anti-skid particles
  • Strong Velcro cuffs
body armor:
acrylic paint, silver pen:
Where to buy supplies:

How to Fake Foam to Look Like Leather

I've already made a gauntlet few month ago, it was meant for paintball/war games, very heavy-duty but not too comfy to wear here

Today i make version.2 using foam, this is much lighter & comfortable to wear.

- Sheepskin Gloves:
- Camping Mat
- Craft Foam Sheet
- PVA White Glue
- Primer
- Black Paint
- Black Zipper
- or Plastidip (skip pva glue, primer & black paint)
- Metallic Acrylic Paint

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How to Make Ben 10 Omnitrix using EVA Foam Floor Mat

Collaboration With Cartoon Network, they challenged me to make a real-action Ben10 Omnitrix using items i can find, so here's the Omnitrix i came up with, have fun!

- Plastic Container
EVA Foam Floor Mat
- Bicycle LED Light
- Foam Sheet (white)
- Perl Sticker (green x 4) or This (green 4 + 1)

X-Carve DIY UPGRADE Kit // Review

Time to upgrade my X-Carve - Inventables always been good to me, this time they sent me their upgrade kit! If you have a pre-2017 X-Carve or interested to buy one, maybe you can watch this to decide whether you need this upgrades or not :)


Inventables channel:
Upgrade kit:
Making toys: